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    Why Am I Retaining Water?

    Have you ever stepped onto the scale and seen it go up a few pounds after following your diet perfectly the day before and even exercising. At this point you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief or screaming at the scale calling it a liar. What you are actually experiencing is water retention. Water retention is a natural part of your bodily functions. As a matter of fact you can have nothing to eat or drink except for water for an entire month, and there are still going to be days where your weight is going to be up a pound or two just from water retention. However, there are instances where health conditions are also causing water retention. A few of the most common ones are hypothyroidism, food sensitivity, Cushing’s syndrome, blood sugar imbalance, and essential fatty acid deficiency. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these conditions.

    Hypothyroidism causes your metabolism to slow down causing weight gain. The weight gain is from fat accumulation and fluid retention as a result of protein deposits in the body. Symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, lethargy, swelling of the face or around the eyes, dry, coarse skin, decreased sweating, poor memory, slow speech and hoarse voice, weakness, intolerance to cold and headache.

    Food Sensitivity
    The symptoms of food sensitivity are not always instantaneous. It can be hours before you start to notice swelling of your extremities, face, chin, abdomen, and bloating. This type of allergic reaction is caused by inflammation and hormones being released. Food sensitivity can also cause carbohydrates in your system to ferment causing gas and a swollen belly.

    Cushing Syndrome
    Cushing’s Syndrome is a disorder caused by an excess of the hormone cortisol. Fat accumulates in the face, abdomen and upper back, often producing a characteristic rounded “moon” face and “buffalo hump”. The arms and legs usually remain slender.

    Blood Sugar Imbalance
    Eating simple, refined carbohydrates can cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. For example, eating chocolate increases the amount of sugar in the blood. The hormone insulin is released which causes sugar to be stored away and blood sugar levels to be lowered, which trigger cravings for more sweets in order to stabilize blood sugar can balance.

    Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency
    Essential fatty acids, such as in flaxseed oil, are good fats that are needed by the body to make hormones and maintain the body’s metabolic rate. A deficiency may cause cravings, particularly for fatty foods.

    The conditions discussed above have to be diagnosed and treated by a physician. If you are diagnosed with them continue to be faithful to you diet and be patient. With a consistent healthy diet and proper treatment your weight will be continue to drop.

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    Re: Why Am I Retaining Water?

    What are your thoughts on high salt intakes?

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